Philosophical pamphlet


To undertake and innovate in an already established universe.
To force the doors and convince of an untold story that can sometimes meet incredulity.
To dare certain marriages, that of ancestral know-how with advanced techniques.
To dare to start from a blank page also with the desire to create a new direction.
To go beyond the customs of a profession and fertilize all good ideas.

Respect to the point of obsession

Which must cross the entire value chain of whisky production, listening carefully to the farmer, the distiller and the bottler,
To lead to a reasoned exploitation of resources,
To enable us to offer and give back, by devoting part of the profits of the House to research for an even more reasoned production.
Finally, respect for the end consumer, to whom we owe absolute transparency on our working methods.

Sharing, that pulse

The one that moves us to transmit our passion, our knowledge, a know-how and ways of tasting and loving.
The one that drives us to meet, always fruitful, the master craftsmen who make the adventure of our House grow, whether they are a farmer, a distiller, a cooper, a merandier, a sommelier, a head bartender, an artistic director or a writer of whisky stories that we want to mark with excellence.
The one that makes us talk endlessly about this beautiful adventure to our entourage, a benevolent audience.
Finally, sharing all our knowledge to help the connoisseur better understand our whiskies and introduce him or her to other tasting experiences or rituals.

Our safeguard, a true simplicity

The one that is the mark of good products, that gives rise to the most sincere infatuations, that signs an elegance of being and of know-how to which the House of Benjamin Kuentz is very attached.

Alambics whisky

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Whisky stories

#8 Meeting : Adrien Legris

From whisky to oyster, there is a world of difference? But on closer inspection, the distance between the small Breton SME Huîtres Legris and the House of Benjamin Kuentz is not so great.

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Are you looking for one of our whiskies :

To offer
For you

For you: whisky, at what time?

No matter, there is no time for malt
As an aperitif, to announce a meal
During the meal, it goes well with fine foods
At the end of the meal, to finish on a malty note

For you, a whisky is tasted:

In front of a beautiful garden, to accompany the elegance of the landscape
At the corner of the fireplace, for a warm moment
In the company of good food and good words
Anywhere, it's the whisky that brings the place and the mood

With which celebrity would you share this whisky?

Boris Vian
Simone de Beauvoir
Marguerite Duras
Ma séléction
Profile aromatique
(D'un) verre printanier

frais fruité floral, 65.00€

Fin de partie

Gourmand, fruité, boisé, 69.00€

Aveux Gourmands

Gourmand, exotique, salin, 65.00€

Aux Particules Vines #4

Élégant, floral, fruité, 65.00€

Aux Particules Vines #5

Vineux, épicé, pâtissier, 75.00€

Aux Particules Vines #6

Épicé, fruité, boisé, 90,00€

Uisce de Profundis

le plus abyssale, un whisky jules Vernesque à offrir en primeur , 410€

Inouïe Mélodie

Explosif, fruité, acidulé, 85,00€

Végétal Musette

Végétal, frais, fruité, 67.00€

Spicy Nouba

Épicé, fruité, boisé, 67,00€

Ma séléction
Profile aromatique
Les Tumultes du Malt Box Set

The most consensual : The 3x 2cl box ” Les Tumultes du Malt ” (78.00€) It will allow the lucky recipient to discover 3 of our flagship whiskies

Workshop "Making a whisky"

The most immersive: The “Create your own whisky” workshop (75.00€) A unique experience, to get into the skin of a whisky editor

The K Subscription
The most successful : The K subscription (from 21€ per month) 3 subscription formulas to choose from to receive a whisky regularly at home