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And if the French edited whiskies
as we publish beautiful works…

To have a taste for beautiful work. With the desire to help as many people as possible discover the richness of France’s terroirs and the unsuspected taste sensations behind the name whisky.

In search of the best craftsmen, Benjamin Kuentz explores the four corners of France and meets men and women, grain farmers and distillers, who work with passion and ethics.

At the end of these meetings, he invites them to express their sensibility in order to create contemporary French whiskies, true and elegant, all with a unique and strong personality.

Our exceptional whiskies

In search of unsuspected taste sensations behind the name whisky, the House of Benjamin Kuentz has created a line of contemporary and surprising French whiskies, with quality, balance and elegance as their key words.

Opuscule Philosophical

Benjamin Kuentz, on the threshold of a new adventure: that of a French whisky publishing house

An innovative approach driven by the desire to shake up the codes, the approach and the flavours specific to the world of whisky, while preserving the best of the tradition. An epic story is being written, that of a resolutely French whisky, free of all tradition and always carrying a delicate fantasy. But to be told to the greatest number of people, a good story needs an editor: Benjamin Kuentz. He is also an editor and author of his whiskies, the starting point of which is the writing of a recipe in order to give an account of sensations or olfactory memories, of deep, authentic and surprising encounters. A story is more beautiful when it is shared. Farmers, grain growers, distillers and cellar masters collaborate with Benjamin Kuentz to produce whiskies whose protagonists are passion and a taste for fine work. The whiskies of the House of Benjamin Kuentz therefore have literary roots and the poetry of the words of a story written by four hands

Uisce de profundis

The encounter: The origin of this whisky comes from a meeting with a team with slightly crazy ideas: to age wines and champagne under the sea off Ushant, in a concession allocated by the coastline. They offered me to try it with whisky.
The Project: The result is “completely different”, “very, very beautiful” and “majestic” for the lucky few who have already been able to taste the first tears coming out of the water. Of course, we are continuing the experiment and want to share it with you. So I lowered my first barrels and bottles underwater 3 years ago.

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Whether you’re a long-time lover of spirits or a newcomer, Benjamin Kuentz immerses you in a world where cultural traditions and the art of revolution blend to create taste experiences that will forge your weapons and your palate to appreciate a good whisky.

The Dessous du Malt

Manufacturing Secrets

Whisky is defined as: a grain brandy. In a few words, whisky is like distilling beer which we then age for at least three years in wood before working on a blend of different types of casks to create a unique recipe. Its manufacture can be summarized in 7 key steps that we suggest you discover together.

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All about whisky

Listen carefully and let the world of malt whisper its secrets to you…

Selection Guide

Guide: which whisky to choose for Christmas?

Christmas is slowly coming and with it… The preparation of the end of year gifts. Around me, my friends’ questions are multiplying: “I’d like to offer a whisky to my godfather but I don’t know anything about it, can’t you give me some advice?”, or, “Great, you’ve released Aux Particules Vines #5, but I’m confined to the Aubrac, what do you say for my brother?

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With which celebrity would you share this whisky?

Boris Vian
Simone de Beauvoir
Marguerite Duras
Ma séléction
Profile aromatique
(D'un) verre printanier

frais fruité floral, 59.00€

Fin de partie

Gourmand, fruité, boisé, 69.00€

Aveux Gourmands

Gourmand, exotique, salin, 65.00€

Uisce de Profundis

le plus abyssale, un whisky jules Vernesque à offrir en primeur , 455€

Végétal Musette

Végétal, frais, fruité, 67.00€

Spicy Nouba

Épicé, fruité, boisé, 67,00€

Ma séléction
Profile aromatique
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