Aux Particules Vines : Food pairing

The Cheese

#1 What could be more typically French than a cheese with a good wine? At Particules Vines #4, our newborn with a finish in Burgundy grand cru promises a trip through the wine country of a different kind! With its slightly smoky finish, this whisky goes perfectly with Rocamadour, a soft goat cheese. The combination of the melt-in-the-mouth cheese and the velvety notes of our whisky make for a most elegant marriage. Add a few bunches of Chardonnay to recall the wine notes of this exceptional whisky and you’re done!

The Tomme

#2 A whisky that is impregnated with the know-how of the winegrowers directly in its manufacture with a finish in Puligny-Montrachet could not do without a pairing with a typically French cheese: the Tomme. This single malt has a slightly smoky taste with notes of candied fruits and is perfectly surrounded by this melting cheese. The interplay between the vines and the particles gives this single malt a slight sweetness that goes perfectly with cheese. There are no rules of tasting here, like a great wine, this whisky can be enjoyed before, during or after a meal.

The Fig

#3 To appreciate Aux Particules Vines #4 and its dried fruit notes at the end of the meal, there is nothing better than a sun-drenched fruit such as a fig. The sweet and sour notes and refreshing flesh of this fruit are a perfect match for our whisky. For a nice end to a meal, for a break in the middle of the day or simply for the pleasure of tasting, this agreement will bring you a fusion of flavours and delicacy.

Foie Gras

#4 With its earthy and smoky aromas, the Aux particules vines #5 will reveal a virtuous union with the smoothness of the foie gras to create an explosion of flavours. Add a few figs to your pairing to reveal the fruity notes and achieve a perfect balance.

Epoisse cheese

#5 The bold taste and strong character of this creamy cheese with a runny centre combines with the powerful attack of Aux particules vines #5. The marriage soothes the density of the aromas to awaken the fruity notes with delicacy.

Prune Pie

#6 The aromatic bouquet offered by the fifth edition of Aux particules vines #5 harmonizes with the sweetness of a prune pie as the tasting of the spirit reminds us. With a sweet velvet, the taste experience will join your favorite drink in a dance of sapidity.

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Aux Particules Vines #4

Élégant, floral, fruité, 65.00€

Aux Particules Vines #5

Vineux, épicé, pâtissier, 75.00€

Aux Particules Vines #6

Épicé, fruité, boisé, 90,00€

Uisce de Profundis

le plus abyssale, un whisky jules Vernesque à offrir en primeur , 455€

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Explosif, fruité, acidulé, 85,00€

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Végétal, frais, fruité, 67.00€

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Épicé, fruité, boisé, 67,00€

Ma séléction
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